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Adobe After Effects CC | 4 Months | Class

This course aims to teach you practical special effects and postproduction while referencing and analysing real world projects from famous films, series and animations. 

Mastering Photography | 8 Weeks | Class

Learn portrait, still life and outdoor photography through a structured and fully-supported training course. You will also learn the basic skills of re-touching images in post-production. The course concludes with an exhibition evening, where students show their top 4 photographs.

Photography in Practice | 4 Weeks | Class

The purpose of this short course is to provide you with an all round basic knowledge of photography. The short course consists of four lessons and a practical outing. You will be required to complete projects during the course, in addition to an early morning outing with lecturers to put into practice all that you have learnt.

The Art of TV and Digital Production | 8-12 Weeks | Class

This course has been specifically designed to enable you to learn about Production in all of its many facets. It will provide valuable insight into the highly complex field of Production and students will be given many opportunities to apply their skills under the close guidance of industry experts. 

Video for the Photographer | 8 Weeks | Class

This short course provides students with an all round basic knowledge of shooting videos with a DSLR. During this short course students will learn basic video techniques, sound and lighting and basic editing. The course aims to be very practical with a small theoretical component.