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Adobe Illustrator CC | 4 Weeks | Class

Start from scratch with Illustrator. Learn how to use it for artwork, logos, shapes and vector illustrations. Discover exciting features like the new Appearance Panel, Improved Artboards Panel, New Gradient Strokes, New Pattern creation and graphs and patterns and the iPad app Adobe Ideas that interfaces with Illustrator. 

Adobe InDesign CC | 4 Weeks | Class

InDesign is a page layout programme that can be used for ads, brochures, stationery and books. This introductory module covers the essentials of using the Adobe Creative Cloud. New features like Liquid Layouts, Content Collector Tool and Digital Publishing in InDesign are covered. 

Adobe Photoshop CC | 4 Weeks | Class

This course is aimed at those with no experience in Photoshop and covers the essentials of Adobe Creative Cloud Sharing and collaborating your work using Behance, Adobe Cloud Storage and uploading and synching your files, using Typekit and the Creative Cloud Market. 

Advanced Graphic Design | 4.5 Months | Class

This course is ideal for young graphic designers looking to expand their portfolios and gain in-depth knowledge of graphic design. Designers come into this course with a working knowledge of Adobe software, as no software training is given. The briefs are in-depth allowing for a creative, comprehensive portfolio to be produced. 

Art Direction Module 1 | 5 Weeks | Class

This course is entry level for persons wishing to become Art Directors. The first module covers computer training in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign CC. Anyone competent in using these programmes need only register for the second module. 

Art Direction Module 2 | 12 Weeks | Class

This course is entry level for persons wishing to become Art Directors. The second module covers both the theory and practical elements of art direction. 

Art Direction Module 3 | 12 Weeks | Class

This module deals with more advanced briefs to be added to a portfolio.

Certificate In Graphic Design | One Year Full Time | Class

If you find yourself looking at brands and thinking about how you would have designed their logo differently or how you would change the packaging of your favourite coffee; if you have a creative flair, a curiosity about how web banners work, and the thinking that goes into those ads in your social media feeds, then this programme is for you.

Copywriting Module 1 | Copywriting for Advertising Media | 10 Weeks | Class

This course is aimed at improving your understanding of the copywriting process. You will see how Big Ideas evolve, based on Creative Briefs, and you will learn how to translate those ideas into various media, including TV, radio, print, brochures, direct mail and finally, alternative media. It’s a hands-on course where you practice your copywriting skills with ongoing feedback from your lecturer. You will also get the opportunity to direct and record a radio commercial for inclusion in your portfolio. 

Copywriting Module 2 | Copywriting for the Digital World | 3 Weeks | Class

The way we consume online media is completely different to the way we read conventional copy. This course will show you how to adapt your existing copywriting skills to cater for this new, impatient target audience, whilst never compromising on the fundamental principles of advertising. Relevant case studies will be discussed and practical writing projects will have to be completed.